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A fully comprehensive course giving you a sound foundation around the 22 topics covered -essential for any English teacher- and which combines, in a seamless way, the preparation of the whole exam so that you can practise and connect the three parts (topics, práctico and syllabus) in a logical, fruitful fashion. Incorporating a variety of activities to include aspects covered in different Autonomous Regions. For detailed info on this and the other Poppies Courses and former students' comments click here

 For those who have completed the Foundation Course. In BB1 we cover 7 topics: 3 "given" ones and then we work through a series of materials so that you can write on another 4 -one on grammar, another on communication strategies, and two on literature.

We practise the Language Part covering a large variety of aspects to get you better prepared for the exam in different Autonomous Regions. We also work further on the syllabus, particularly in terms of legislation and strategies, and developing oral presentation techniques.

For those who have completed the First Building Block, we keep on practising with topic writing (This time focusing on the topics relating to Notions) and, above all, with the Language Part and with Syllabus & Unit design & presentation techniques.

For those who have completed the Foundation Course, and Building Blocks 1 & 2. This is an ad hoc course which we will be building together, based on your specific needs. 

This POPPIES' Course on Syllabus Design helps you to personalise your syllabus and it is for those who only want to focus just on the Syllabus Design. We will use the book Inglés Programación Didáctica as the central point, the materials covered in the Poppies Courses (Foundation, Building Blocks) and we will take into account the specific legislation for the Autonomous Region of the participants. As the course progresses, we'll analyse how to improve the contents and organisation of your units so that they reflect 21st-century teaching and learning.