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PoppieS es un proyecto en constante desarrollo

Cuyo objetivo es ayudarte a tí:

¿Quieres tener una Guía Clara sobre cómo escribir tus temas y resúmenes para sacar una nota excelente en la Oposición? Suscríbete al blog y recibirás, totalmente gratis "7 Golden Rules to write Brilliant Summaries & Essays in English" .This is part of the Poppies Foundation Plus "Introductory Course-Study and Writing techniques". The full Introductory Course is only €27 and free for all of those enrolling in the Full Poppies Foundation Plus or in the Poppies Foundation Plus Exam Part 1B- Topics 



… and specifically to help English Teachers preparing the “Oposición”

Paloma shares here resources and ideas to help you get better prepared for the exam.

And at the PoppieS Platform, you can find different courses to successfully meet the challenges of the competitive exam for English teachers.

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Are you running out of ideas for your classes?

Are you running out of ideas for your classes?

Just joking! But I found these two, which I think are great: The first is for the 19th-23rd April week and it's about Climate Change: Quality Climate Change Education for All: Education International Launches Global Campaign The second provides you with Activities for April 23 on libraries: I think the following proposal is a brilliant [...]