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POPPIES stands for…

To find out what POPPIES stands for, you can watch this presentation in Spanish. Bear in mind that, being a project in the making, a few things have changed since its recording in 2016 as the second version


    • An acronym that…

stands for

 Preparación Oposiciones Profesores-Pública Inglés Enseñanza Secundaria.

It is also a blending

Between English & Spanish

turning this Spanish acronym into the English word “poppies”, i.e., “amapolas”, in Spanish.

So, you will find that we are going to be using and publishing both in English and in Spanish. Because the blog is about the teaching of English in the Spanish State Education System. And we offer online, virtual and face-to-face courses in English. So, it seems appropriate to mix both languages. That’s what we do in my family, too.

Between past and present experiences

As many of you will know —in case you don’t, you can find out more about it Poppies, in Britain, are the symbol of remembrance. In this line, I’d like POPPIES to be a symbol of remembrance and homage to all those educators who came before us and made a difference, and to those, in general, who long and care for education and the improvement of their fellow human beings, particularly their children and young people.

But POPPIES is also a blending of Paloma‘s past and present experiences. Indeed, the Poppies’ blog is a blending and a development of what started as Sls Hallam’s Teachers’ blog Ever since I started writing the topics for the list of themes which would be repealed on 7th February 2012 and may be coming back in the near future I had been mulling over the idea of   “blending” the three parts of the competitive exam and the course I did at the UNED in 2014 helped me shape the idea better. It is still in the making, and I hope it will be —like learning— a life-long process.