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Honouring Vernon’s memory

Honouring Vernon’s memory

On Vernon’s 2nd anniversary. His memory and his stories are and will always be with us. This is one of the first I heard from him, and I am reproducing it as he wrote it, with some edits which aim to improve the flow and rhythm he always rendered to his oral stories. Members of [...]


Wishing you all the Best of Luck for the Exam on 19th June 2021. COMPETITIVE EXAM INFO (Mainly Madrid, but I will add other Autonomous Regions if required) Tribunales Inglés Secundarias 0590 profesores enseñanza Sec Tribunales y centros. MADRID-590 lista admitidos INGLES & TRIBUNAL Madrid: Tribunal 1-2URL Madrid. Tribunal 3-4URL Madrid. Tribunal 5-8URL Madrid Tribunal [...]