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Flipping & B-learning for Mastery

On this the page, you will find the links to the posts I have written on Flipping & B-learning for Mastery. They were originally published at the Sls Hallam Website

Flipping & B-learning for Mastery


Flipping & Mastery Learning

A few words on Flipping & B-learning for Mastery

More and more often one of my students or former students write to tell me:

“You know, I am going to enrol in a course about how to flip the classroom and I thought of you”


“I came across some information on flipping the classroom, and I thought of you.”

That makes my day, as I have been attracted by this approach to teaching ever since I found out about it, back in October 2012.

My joy increases when I  see teachers implementing it in their classes as I recently saw one of the candidates preparing for the Accreditation to teach in bilingual schools.

Flipping & B-learning

Indeed, flipping is not too different from a blended approach to teaching and learning (b-learning) where you can watch or listen to the theory at home, at your pace and as often or as little as you may need.

Then, in face-to-face classes or by tutoring through various ICT resources, we put into practice what we are learning or have already learnt. This is we do at the POPPIES courses, as those of you who are attending or have attended one or several of them know.

If anybody else would like to tell us about their experiences or any other link on this subject which may be of interest, make your comment below.