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This is the 1st Course making up the Poppies Foundation Plus Course in 2018-19 for those who are coming to face-to-face classes in groups or doing the Foundation Plus online, with or without tutoring. It lasts 1 week and it aims to give you ideas and develop techniques to study the topics efficiently so that you really remember and understand; apply and analyse their contents for the practical exam and your syllabus and create your own topics. It aims to help you assess what you have learnt and what you need to learn in terms of contents and in terms of structuring. 


The Second Course in POPPIES Foundation Plus' 2018 Edition covers around 30 topics. They have been selected because they are a must for any English language Teacher. Also, because were there any changes to the current list of topics, the main contents are likely to be very much the same as the new ones. If this is the case, the variations to the topics covered in the Foundation Plus Courses will be provided, free of charge to those who purchase the Foundation Plus when/if they are published with Editorial MAD/7Editores. 

In any case, this course is an integral part of the POPPIES Foundation Plus 2018/19 Edition for face-to-face class students and is fully intertwined with the Foundation Plus Práctico Preparation and the Foundation Plus Syllabus and Unit Design.

The second integral Course of POPPIES Foundation Plus. It includes 8  (Introductory + 7) Units of 1-7 lessons each, containing previous exam samples as well as listenings, text analysis of various types, translations and other activities. All of them are totally intertwined with the contents covered in the topics and syllabus& unit design courses which make up the Foundation Plus 2018/19. Answer Keys are provided together with videos explaining the answers. The doubts concerning aspects covered are presented in the fora. Sometimes the answers are provided there, while other times the answers a given via video explanations.

This Course helps you personalise your syllabus and units. It is an Integral part of the POPPIES Foundation Plus Course for candidates attending face-to-face Classes as it completely intertwines with the Topics we are covering in the Foundation Plus and the Practical Language Issues. Starting with our book Inglés Programación Didáctica as the basis, we expand on it so that you can design your syllabus or improve on the one you already have. The course guides you to establish the objectives and expected learning outcomes, develop the key competences, distribute the contents based on the objectives and link them to assessment criteria and learning standards. It also gives you ideas on how to organise your units so that they are the implementation of what you state in your syllabus design and they reflect 21st-century teaching and learning.


For those who have completed the Foundation Course, and Building Block 1. You keep having access to the contents from what it now Foundation Plus and we carry on, building blocks to improve topic writing, practical language exam issues and presentation of syllabus and units. We start with a series of topics related to the expression of... and some others as you will see inside. The main focus is on the Practical Langauge Exam issues and on improving the units and oral presentation skills. If any changes in the exam, we'll deal with them as they come.