Course image PoppieS Building Block I-Notional Competence
PoppieS' Building Blocks

For those who have finished PoppieS' Foundation 1-2-3. The focus here is on the 1st Part of the exam.

PBBI-Notional Competence consists of 2 interrelated Parts: 1B (topics) &  1A (Práctico).  They are totally intertwined, and you will move from one stage in the preparation of the topic to some activity in the language part. We cover 4 topics related to Notional Competence and we work on 2 more. Each unit in the course combines topic & Language practice of various types: listenings, language practice, text analysis, questions on texts and translations. There are also various quizzes on Rhetorical & Stylistic devices, rephrasing, vocabulary, etc.

Course image PoppieS Building Block II-The Verb Group +
PoppieS' Building Blocks

POPPIES' Building Block II consists of 2 Interrelated Parts: Part 1B (topics) & Part 1A (práctico). We also include some ideas to teach and design activities, lessons or units related to some of the topics covered here.

In this Building Block, however, the parts are not so closely intertwined. There are some questions on issues pertaining to the Verb Phrase in the Language Practice, but the focus is laid on the other two topics covered and on the language practice itself together with a couple of activities on Unit design and content.

The course is designed to be done entirely online or as a Blended Course, in classes via Zoom while face masks are required for face-to-face classes.   

Course image PoppieS Building Block III-The USA
PoppieS' Building Blocks

Building Block III

PoppieS Building Block III- The USA deals mainly, though not exclusively, with various aspects pertaining to the United States.

The main focus of this PBBIII is on the Language Part of the exam or Práctico (listenings, translations, text analysis, questions on text, rephrasing, collocations, etc.) and we connect some of them to current issues and, broadly, to Topic 64 on American Institutions. There are also some Mock exams from various Autonomous Regions.

Course image PoppieS Building Block IV. Miscellaneous
PoppieS' Building Blocks

Last Building Block

POPPIES Building Block IV is called "Miscellaneous" because it contains a mixed bag of texts, listenings and translations.

Candidates on this course have already completed PoppieS Foundation 1-2-3 and POPPIES Building Blocks I-III.

Even though we may cover one or two topics —or three or four, depending on time and content-related texts— what we mainly do in this course is practise text analysis of various types, including a few oldish and mostly new texts, with a with variety of questions. We are also taking into account the events taking place during the current academic years 2021-22 and 2022-23.

This course can only be done as part of our Zoom classes