The following courses are for Profesores de Inglés en Secundarias - Some of them, as indicated, also serve to prepare for Profesores de Inglés en EOI.

Course image LEVEL C2-EOI Exam Preparation
Profesores Inglés- Secundarias y EOI

This PoppieS C2-EOI Exam Course aims to prepare you for the C2 Level Exam at the Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas. To this end we use various past exams from different Schools and Regions and we develop our own, inspired on them.

The course should equally serve you to prepare for the Cambridge Proficiency Exam -Level C2.

Course image INTRODUCTORY COURSE: Study & Writing Techniques + ICT Resources
Profesores Inglés- Secundarias y EOI
The Introductory Course consists of two Modules. 

The first is the longest and it includes four lessons (one per day) on how to study efficiently and how to draft brilliant essays in English. 

 We'll elaborate on and remind you of the tips throughout the PoppieS Foundation 1-2-3 & the Building Blocks. 

In the second Module we get to know some of the resources we'll be using in the PoppieS Foundation 1-2-3 and/or those which may be useful for your classes.

ThisI ntroductory Course is meant to last 1 week maximum.