PoppieS Foundation 3- Syllabus & Unit Design

This is the third course of the POPPIES Foundation 1-2-3.

PoppieS Foundation 3 consists of 6 Modules, updated for the academic years 2023-2025, that seamlessly combine with the other two courses making up the full Foundation 1-2-3 Pack. Needless to say, it takes into account current legislation.

 We start with the key element in our syllabus, regardless of legislation: our students and their needs, together with the structure of our syllabus and Learning Situation Design.

Then, we move from how to structure our syllabi and units/Learning Situations, through key documents & Competences, setting objectives & ELO/Attainment Targets, distributing the contents into the units that make up our syllabus, preparing the oral presentation, etc., all this in line with the assessment criteria and the Key Competence Descriptors. 

We also look into some teaching ideas, the use of ICTs, how the syllabus combines with the topics in PF1, and tips and approaches to cater for all our students' needs.  We are also using the key elements covered in our book Inglés Programación Didáctica- MAD, which is being updated to include current Legislation. Even though the version still available was drafted taking RD 1105/2014 as its basis, Syllabus design in English, when done properly, can easily adapt to changes. The book covers some essential issues which, regardless of legislation, should be borne in mind for our teaching plan.