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Oposiciones Profes inglés secundaria 2015. Convocatorias

Oposiciones Profes inglés secundaria 2015. Convocatorias

We are just including here the links to the different Official Gazettes where open calls for Competitive Exams have been issued:


40 places in total,   https://benasque.aragob.es:443/cgi-bin/EBOA/BRSCGI?CMD=VEROBJ&MLKOB=843441624141

The language part will include 3 texts with questions and you need to select 2. The expected level is C1. There is also a composition.

Castilla La Mancha:

44 in total,  https://docm.castillalamancha.es/portaldocm/descargarArchivo.do?ruta=2015/04/04/pdf/2015_4115.pdf&tipo=rutaDocm

No news so far about the language part

Castilla León:

72 in total, http://bocyl.jcyl.es/boletines/2015/03/30/pdf/BOCYL-D-30032015-6.pdf

No news so far about the language part.


30 in total https://www.bocm.es/boletin/CM_Orden_BOCM/2015/03/11/BOCM-20150311-2.PDFl

Language part: the same as past years: listening, text analysis and translations


41 in total.


Language part: Listening with a maximum of 10 questions & practical questions related to the topics or the curriculum and may deal with methodological aspects concerning one or several of the productive and receptive skills.

 Brief comments on the various calls:

I have often expressed here my views on the competitive exam for English teachers: It should be valid, reliable and feasible and should be geared towards selecting the best able candidates for the teaching profesion. The “ability” to repeat like a parrot is not one of those qualities and should not be valued much in the exam.

I also think that the assessment criteria should be published and clarified, so in this regard I find that Murcia is the only Autonomous Region so far to have done so, even if in a somewhat general  fashion. The rest of the Regions should do it as well.

I wish all the teachers who love teaching the best of lucks so that the system and the young people benefit from having them.

Finally, I invite you to sign this petition and put pressure on all the politicians to commit themselves to promoting an education pact which lays down a basic framework to ensure quality education for all and gives freedom to the teachers to implement it.

Desde sus orígenes, el objetivo de PoppieS es ayudarte en la preparación de la oposición a profesores de inglés y contribuir a que la escuela pública ofrezca la enseñanza de calidad –de y en lengua inglesa– que tus alumnos necesitan en el s. XXI

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