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Oposiciones Profesores Galicia 2018: Publicada Convocatoria

Oposiciones Profesores Galicia 2018: Publicada Convocatoria

Oposiciones Profesores Galicia 2018: The public call was published on 21st March 2018. The date for the exam is 23rd June 2018.

  •  Secondary English teachers: 68 places in total (46+4+18)
  • School of Languages English teachers: 30 

Enrolment dates for Oposiciones Galicia 2018

It opened on 22nd March and will close on 13th April You have to do it online

Exam dates

23rd June 2018, at 9:00 am.

You need to have mastery of Galician (Celga 4) and Spanish. If you need to do the Galician Language exam, this will take place on June 8th, at  18.00 horas, at IES As Fontiñas (rúa Estocolmo 5, Santiago de Compostela).

Exam Contents for Secondary & Language School English teachers

Like everywhere else, the exam consists of 2 parts.  You need to pass the first in order to be a candidate for the second.

Part 1

This part consists of two:

Part 1.A. Practicum

Secondary Schools
  1. Answers to questions related to the functional use of the English language and to questions pertaining to linguistic, literary or socio-cultural issues based on a text in prose (extract from a novel, an essay or journalistic article).
    2. A composition on a topic related to current affairs.
Language Schools
  1. Listening:
    – Summary of the information it contains.
    – Answers to questions made by the panel.
  2. Based on a written, not necessarily literary text in prose:
    –  Text analysis bearing in mind: the text type, (main & secondary) communicative functions and stylistic resources.
    –  Answers to questions made by the panel.
  3. Translation from English into Spanish and another from Spanish into English of two literary or journalistic texts.

To prepare for this part, we highly recommend our  “Volumen Práctico”, which includes:

  • Text analysis with answers to questions similar to those included in previous calls for Secundarias and, for Escuelas de Idiomas:
    • Text analysis -including communicative functions and text-types
    • Various activities on language practice.
    • Translations
  • In the Building Block 1 & 3 Courses, we actually use the texts which came out in the two previous calls, and the questions have been “inspired” based on what candidates told us about the exam. You may also find our post text analysis of help.

So, and as usual, I am counting on you, candidates, to get back to me once you’ve done the exam and let me know the specific questions so that we can incorporate them into future texts, as we did in 2016 & 2017, where we incorporated some of the aspects covered in Autonomous Regions such as Canarias and -as said before- Galicia.

  • The time assigned for Part 1A in the call Oposiciones Galicia 2018 is of three hours maximum.
  • This part represents 60% of the total mark for Part 1.

Part 1. B. Essay

This year 2018, you will have to write one essay on one of the 5 topics which will come out in the draw from the list of 69. You have two hours to do it. Remember to follow the advice given to you here and in our mini-course. This part represents 40% of the total mark of the first part.

  • Important: The candidates will be called on a specific date to read out loud their essay and the practicum in front of the panel.

Part 2

You need to hand in your syllabus design when the panels call the candidates who have passed to the second part of the competitive exam.

All the requirements your syllabus design needs to meet, together with the elements you need to include in your oral presentation are described in the Official Gazette of Xunta de Galicia.  The Syllabus Design needs to be 60 pages long (maximum), excluding annexes, front and back pages. The font is 12 Arial, double spacing. Check all the details in the Official Gazette.

For the Oral Presentation of the Rationale behind your Syllabus Design you have 20 minutes and for the Unit 30 minutes. Then, there may be a debate so that the panel can ask you questions. The Rationale will represent 40% and the Unit 60% of the total mark for this Second Part.

Our   will help you with this part

Particularly if you are a Secondary School teacher, but it can also give you ideas if you go for Language Schools. And, since one person who got the book via Amazon thinks that the book has some very interesting things but if you are starting from scratch you may need some further help, here’s my offer:

Send me an email saying where and when you got the book and I’ll send you the Guide I use in the Poppies Courses to help my students with it.

Also, I am putting together a Course to guide you, with videos and extra workbooks to make sure that you produce a syllabus design which meets all the requirements

In any case, I am happy to hear your comments and questions. I’ll reply to them whenever possible, and will always take them into account to help you in the future.

Apasionada de la lengua inglesa y sus múltiples matices, mi objetivo es ayudarte en la preparación de la oposición a profesores de inglés y contribuir a que la escuela pública ofrezca la enseñanza de calidad –de y en lengua inglesa– que nuestros alumnos necesitan en el s. XXI

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