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Oposiciones Profesores  inglés Navarra 2020

Oposiciones Profesores inglés Navarra 2020

set SMART goals for Navarra 2020
Set SMART goals for your students and yourself for Navarra 2020

Oposiciones Profesores inglés Navarra 2020. The public call was published on 15th January 2020.

Places available for

Secondary School English teachers:

20 +5+ 24 places (Total Spanish 49)

12+1+14 (Total Euskera 27)

Registration dates for Oposiciones Profesores inglés Navarra 2020

From 16th January to 4th February 2020. You have to do it online (see point 3.2 of the call). Please, be advised to read the document and other documents they may publish afterward.

Official Opening for the Oposiciones in Navarra 2020

Once the final lists have been published, the candidates will be called for the Official Opening of the Competitive Exam. Attendance is compulsory. The candidate who fails to attend is disqualified.

Not before 10th May 2020

The Official Opening for the Competitive Exam in Navarra 2020 will be after May, 10th 2020.

Via Resolution issued by the Education Department

The candidates will be called via a Resolution issued by the Director for Staff Selection of the Education Department at www.navarra.es at least seven days prior to the Official Opening. The Resolution will state the date, time and place for the commencement of the Competitive Exam.

The Syllabus Design is handed in at the Official Opening

Candidates need to hand in their Syllabus Design during the Official Opening. Those candidates who fail to hand in their Syllabus in person at the Official Opening will be disqualified.

Exam Dates

The dates for the exam will also be announced via Resolution at least seven days prior to the exam commencement.

Exam Contents for Oposiciones Profesores inglés Secundarias

Like everywhere else, the exam in Navarra 2020 consists of 2 parts.  You need to pass the first in order to be a candidate for the second.

Part 1

This part consists of two:

Part 1A. Practical Language Exam

Two Parts
  • Various questions pertaining to the functional and practical use of language in terms of pragmatics, lexico-semantics, morpho-syntax and/or phonology.
  • Linguistic and/or literary Text Analysis.
  • The exam will last a maximum of 3 hours.

Part 1. B. Essay writing on one topic from the 1993 list

This year 2020, you will have to write one essay on one of the 5 topics which will come out in the draw from the total list of topics. You have two hours to do it.

Preparing for Part 1 of the Exam

Remember to follow the advice given to you here and in our Introductory Course. You must use a blue or black ink pen and must follow the indications provided by the panels. Neat handwriting is essential, as illegible essays or those showing a personal “mark” will be declared null.

Each Part (1A & 1B) represents 50% of the total mark of the first part. You need to get at least 2.5 out of 10 in each part to qualify. And a minimum of 5 marks in this Part 1 to pass to the second stage of the Competitive Exam (Oposición).

In general, the Guidelines we give you at the Poppies Foundation Plus (Exam Part 1A & Exam Part 1B) are those mentioned in the Official Gazette of Navarra.

You can also practise all the above with Our books “Volumen Práctico” and “Analysis de Textos”. Also with the materials for language practice, we cover at Foundation Plus & the Building Blocks. You may also find our post text analysis of help.

Part 2

Syllabus Design

All the requirements your syllabus design needs to meet for the “Oposición Navarra 2020”, plus the elements you need to include are in Annex VIII of the Official Gazette of Navarra

If your Syllabus Design does not meet the formal required, your final mark for this Part 2A will be halved.

Very important: You need to hand in your Syllabus Design at the Official Opening. We’ll try and keep you updated on the exact dates when we know more.

The Syllabus Design needs to have a maximum of 50 pages and a minimum of 10 Units. The Units need to be numbered. The font is Arial, 12 and single space. If you include graphs or tables you may use Arial 10. The front and back pages are excluded from the 50 pages mentioned. So is the page with the Index or Table of Contents.  Check all the details in the Official Gazette.

Preparation for the Oral Presentation

You have one hour, maximum, for the preparation of the Oral Presentation of the unit you have chosen to present in front of the panel.

The purpose is to assess your teaching skills and competence.

Oral Presentation

The oral presentation should last one hour and fifteen minutes maximum, distributed as follows:

30 minutes maximum for the syllabus design
  • You can use an exact copy of the one you handed in at the Opening, plus any other supplementary material you may deem appropriate.
  • This will represent 30% of the total mark for this part.
  • You need to get at least 2.5 marks out of 10 to qualify.
30 minutes maximum for the didactic unit
  • You will choose one unit out of three from those included in your syllabus design.
  • The units need to include the aspects pointed out under Annex VIII of this call.
  • For the preparation and oral presentation of the unit, you have one hour and you can use any supplementary material you may deem appropriate and an outline.
  • The outline shall not exceed one sheet and will be handed in, to the examining board, at the end of the presentation.
  • This part represents 70% of the total mark for Part 2, and you need to get at least 2.5 out of 10 to qualify.
15 minutes maximum for a debate

The members of the examining board may ask you questions related to the syllabus design, didactic unit based on your oral presentation.

The debate will last a maximum of 15 minutes.

Assessment Criteria

Linguistic competence in English is paramount

Both for Part 1 (Part 1A & Part 1B) and Part 2 -Syllabus & Unit Design & Presentation). Thus, the following should be taken into account:

  • Spelling mistakes: they are penalised by discounting 0.25 off the total mark per mistake.
  • Grammatical incorrectness: 0.25 off the total mark per mistake.
  • These two types will be penalised a maximum of 20% out of the total mark.

“POPPIES” helps you prepare for the Competitive Exam with

The Three-part Poppies Foundation Plus online Course

The book Inglés Programación Didáctica to get the principles behind drafting a syllabus, provide the English version of Key legislation and give you samples of how things may be done.

Its course on Syllabus & Unit Design, which is part of Poppies Foundation Plus 

“POPPIES” helps you prepare the Exam for Oposiciones Profesores Secundarias inglés.

Desde sus orígenes, el objetivo de PoppieS es ayudarte en la preparación de la oposición a profesores de inglés y contribuir a que la escuela pública ofrezca la enseñanza de calidad –de y en lengua inglesa– que tus alumnos necesitan en el s. XXI

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