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As usual, PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3 for Secondary English teachers has been updated for the academic year 2021-22.

The new edition of Poppies Foundation 1-2-3 (former PoppieS Foundation Plus) will be available from 6th September 2021 until mid-July 2023 (unless there are changes in the expected public calls) and can be started at any time if you do it on your own.

It includes videos with presentations and explanations, and different activities so that those who want to prepare the whole exam or just one or two parts with PoppieS can do it on their own or combined with the online tutoring plan or with Zoom classes. You can also use the fora to ask questions and doubts.

PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3: Contents

The PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3 combines, in a seamless way, the preparation of the Practical Language Exam with the Topics and the Syllabus and Units.

The objective is that you practise and connect the three parts (topics, práctico, and syllabus) in a logical, fruitful fashion.

The Materials are organised as follows, and you can choose to do just one, two, three or -as we recommend- the whole Poppies Foundation Plus:

1.      Introductory Course on How to Efficiently study, revise and draft your topics

It lasts 1 week and it aims to:

  • Give you ideas and develop techniques to study the topics efficiently so that you really remember, understand. apply and analyse their contents for the practical exam and your syllabus and create your own topics.
  • Help you assess what you have learnt and what you need to learn in terms of contents and in terms of structuring.

It consists of 2 Units:

  1.  Getting to know the Resources. 
  2. Study & Writing Techniques.

You will be asked to do 1 written assignment and will receive feedback, regardless of whether you are preparing the exam completely on your own or you have online tutoring or Zoom classes.

This Course is free when you enrol in Option 2 or 4!!!!

2.      PoppieS’ Foundation 1:  Topic Preparation  

PoppieS’ Foundation 1 focuses on what in most Autonomous Regions is Exam Part 1B. It has been designed to help you improve your writing skills and control times when you draft your essays so that they are complete, read well and they are your own.


  • Structure & Development.  (3 topics).
  • Communicative Competence. (1 topic).
  • Linguistic Competences. (6 topics).
  • Pragmatic Competences. (8 topics).
  • Socio-linguistic (& Socio-cultural) Competence. (4 topics)
  • The 4+1 Skills. (3 topics)


In total, we work on 25 topics/1993 list plus videos, workbooks and assignments to help you study efficiently, master the topic contents and draft good topic essays. The topics selected are considered essential for any English teacher to be familiar with and master.

The Course includes not only the contents of the topics covered but also workbooks and assignments to help you implement the aspects dealt with in the Introductory Course. The aim is to help you remember, understand, apply, analyse, create and self-assess your topics.  In a few cases, you are expected to extract and personalise the contents from various topics to produce your own. This has been proven particularly useful to successfully deal with this part of the exam. Needless to say, to apply and analyse the contents you’ll need to relate them to the Práctico (Part 1A. of the Competitive Exam) and to your teaching practice and, therefore, your syllabus and units. It also includes videos with explanations and access to the Forum to ask possible doubts.

3.      PoppieS’ Foundation 2: Práctico- Language Exam Issues

The aim of PoppieS’s Foundation 2 is to help you prepare for what in most Autonomous Regions is Exam Part 1A. We aim to help you prepare and appropriately distribute your time for the exam. Also, to improve your listening, summary and synthesis skills. Finally, to efficiently and accurately deal with the many different aspects of this part of the exam. 

Which is why this part is closely linked to both the topics and the syllabus & unit design.


  • Structure. Connecting topics, practical exam and Syllabus.
  • Communicative Competence.
  • Linguistic Competence.  This part closes with a Mock Exam (Madrid 2014)
  • Pragmatic Competence. This part closes with a Mock Exam (Madrid 2012).
  • Socio-linguistic & Socio-cultural competences. Mock Exam (Galicia 2016).
  • The 4+1 Skills. (Madrid 2018)
  • NEW this academic year: we are incorporating two or three more exams from various Autonomous Regions.


This is the second of the fully comprehensive PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3, which gives you a sound foundation around the 25 topics dealt with in PoppieS’ Foundation 1. Topic Preparation.  It incorporates a variety of activities to include aspects covered in different Autonomous Regions (listenings, translation practice, text analysis of various types, summaries, essay writing, and teaching proposals). We rely mostly on you, students, former students, and readers of this website to keep us updated, as you have been doing.

4.      PoppieS’ Foundation 3: Syllabus & Unit Design

Here we cover the 2nd Part of the Exam proper, in all Autonomous Regions. One of the goals is to help you understand the syllabus better (objectives, learning standards, key competences, assessment, etc.)  Another is to help you design the best outline for your units.  Other goals include understanding assessment better to improve this aspect in your syllabus and learning about the contents of current legislation. The contents are also intertwined with the topics and the language part.


  •  Structure. Students & Methods. SEN students
  • Documents & Competences.
  • Objectives & Linguistic Competence. Unit Planning 1.
  • Pragmatic Competence. The Rationale Part 1. Unit Planning 2.
  • Socio-linguistic & Socio-cultural competences. Unit Planning 3. Assessment. The Rationale Part 2
  • The 4+1 Skills. Strategies, tools and K. Competences in Units & connection with Syllabus.

(The content organisation may vary slightly for the PoppieS’ Foundation 3-Syllabus and Unit Design as we are changing the order of a few materials and completing some further aspects on SEN students & 4+1 Skills)

 How much does the PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3 Cost? 

When you do the PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3 online only, you can choose to do just one, two, three or the four courses combined:

  1. Introductory Course…………………..€27.

(Free when you enrol in 2. PoppieS’ Foundation 1-Topics or in the Full PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3)

  1. PoppieS’Foundation 1-Topics………………. €137.

You save €27 as you get the Introductory Course free

  1. PoppieS’Foundation 2-Práctico ………………. €137.
    • PoppieS’ Foundation 1+2…….€217.

You save €84 as you also get the Introductory Course free

  1. PoppieS’ Foundation 3-Syllabus & Unit Design……………….. €147.
    • PoppieS’ Foundation 2+3……………………………………… €227.

You save €57 

    • PoppieS’ Foundation 1+3……………………………………… €227.

You save €84 as you also get the Introductory Course free

    • PoppieS’ Foundation 1+2+3……………………………………€337

You save €111 as you also get the Introductory Course free

  • You’ll have access to them on the Poppies’ platform. We feel that with the video explanations, the workbooks and the Answer Keys you can make headway on your own.
  • We strongly recommend you also get the book on Programación Didáctica. New Edition. This is a MUST for students who are having Zoom classes with us.
  • If you prefer not just to have access to the PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3 materials, but also to have some further guidance and, above all, feedback on your work, you can combine it with


Zoom classes/coaching sessions

At least while we need to wear face masks for face-to-face classes, the coaching sessions will be via Zoom. These can be either one-to-one in

  • Monthly sessions of one hour at €60 per month
  • Fortnightly sessions of one hour at €77 per month
  • Weekly sessions of one hour at €147 per month

or in groups of 5 participants. We can have:

  • Monthly sessions of two hours in groups of 5 participants at €70 per participant and per month.
  • Fortnightly sessions of two hours in groups of 5 participants at €87 per participant and per month.
  • Weekly sessions of two hours in groups of 5 participants at €117 per participant and per month.

These fees include feedback on those assignments which do not have answer key and those you are being asked to do as part of the training on mock exams or similar.

During the Zoom sessions we solve doubts, carry out some of the assignments on the platform, or give oral presentations to practise the Rationale and Unit presentation.

And if you cannot attend one session, there’s no problem: We record it and send it to the group.

If the groups have fewer than 5 participants other fees will apply.


When does the PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3 start and how long does it last?

  • On 6th September 2021 those enrolled in the PoppieS Foundation 1-2-3- will be given access to the Introductory Course. They will work on it for one week. During that time we’ll be in contact so that we arrange the best times and days for the Zoom sessions. 
  • POPPIES Foundation 1-2-3 lasts a whole academic year, from September 2021 to June 2022. However, since the exam is expected to be held in June 2023 you will have access to the materials at no extra cost until June 2023, unless we need to make changes. In this case, we may need to ask for a small contribution. (This academic year it is only €17 to access the whole PoppieS Foundation 1-2-3 for our old students).


What happens when I finish the PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3?

  • Since the PoppieS’ Foundation 1-2-3 has been designed to last one academic year and the Competitive exam is not expected to be held until June 2023, you can then proceed with the PoppieS’ Building Blocks and still keep access to the Foundation. If there were any changes in the dates or the exam, we will let you know and incorporate the changes.