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Oposiciones Profesores Inglés

Preparación Oposiciones Profesores Pública Inglés Enseñanza Secundaria

Preparación Oposiciones de Profesores de Inglés Secundaria: ” Blended Courses” y Materiales para preparación sin tutorización

  • ¿Estás pensando en preparar oposiciones a profesor de secundaria de inglés y no sabes por dónde empezar?

  • ¿Te has presentado ya en otras ocasiones y buscas una preparación de la oposición distinta a lo que has venido haciendo hasta ahora?

  • ¿Estás buscando materiales que te inspiren, que sean clarificadores y que conecten las distintas partes de la oposición, que te ayuden a mejorar?

    Así han respondido alumnos de Poppies a la pregunta:

    • Would you recommend the Foundation Course? Why? Why not?

      Yes I have already recommended it
        I would recommend it because it is helpful.
      Yes, I have already done it.
      Absolutely, without it, I wouldn’t have known where to begin. It’s a wonderful guide through all the long process that is oposiciones.
       Absolutely. I think the materials are inspirational and well chosen. Besides, the topics were clear, linked to the syllabus and worth reading. There is an important emphasis on linguistic knowledge, which in my case was a bit rusty and it is very important to prepare the Exam. I think the type of tuition is quite personal and more exclusive in comparison to the one you may obtain when attending a big academy which prepares students for oposiciones.
      Of course I would, and of course, I will. I think your course is the perfect one, especially for those who have already done the exam and need to keep on working but in a different way.
       Yes. Generally speaking, I have improved a lot this year: I have acquired knowledge, practised things that are on the exam, etc. And I have organised my time according to the schedule of the course, and that is important for candidates.
      I would definitely recommend the course because it has helped me to see possible problems I made and I think I have solved them.
      Yes, I think it is very useful.
      I would definitely recommend the course because of the contents and the practice and because it is a great pleasure to be able to share Paloma´s knowledge. She always has the ability to go ahead when you think you cannot go any further.

¿Cómo preparas en Poppies la oposición a profesor de inglés de secundaria?

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