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POPPIES Foundation Plus

POPPIES Foundation Plus  incorporates the contents in the former Foundation Course and the contents in the former BB2. It has also been updated in several ways.

Contents and organisation of POPPIES Foundation Plus 

You have a complete description of

Materials we use at POPPIES Foundation Plus on this link

  • You’ll have access to them on the Poppies’ platform. We feel that, with the video explanations, the workbooks and the answer keys you can make headway on your own.
  • We strongly recommend you also get the book on Programación Didáctica. New Edition .
  • If you prefer not just to have access to the Foundation Course materials, but also to have some further guidance and, above all, feedback on your work, you can have

5-hour-one-to-one  Coaching for POPPIES Foundation Plus

We can arrange what you most need to do in those five hours. You may choose to receive feedback on one or more topics drafted by you in two hours. And/or get feedback on the listenings and/or essays in the Language Exam. Or you may decide that it is best for you to focus on your syllabus design and on the oral presentation of the rationale and units. Of course, you can combine the three parts so that you get feedback on topics, language exam and syllabus and units.

You pay €197 per 5-hour-one-to-one coaching pack.

  • Or you may prefer to have a more regular coaching via

Face-to-face, zoom or skype classes

  • For face-to-face and skype or zoom classes: €137 per month and per person
    • Weekly 3-hour classes of 5 participants while you are doing the course. NO PLACES LEFT FOR FACE-TO-FACE CLASSES
    • Weekly 2 & ½ hour classes of 4 participants while you are doing the course. NO PLACES LEFT FOR FACE-TO-FACE CLASSES
    • Weekly 2-hour classes of 3 participants while you are doing the course. NO PLACES LEFT FOR FACE-TO-FACE CLASSES
  • Weekly 1-hour private session (face-to-face or skype/zoom), while you are doing the course. €147 per month ONLY PLACES LEFT IN THE MORNING
  • 2 Zoom sessions of 3 hours per month in alternate weeks -6 hours in total in a group of 6/10 participants. €67 per month 

The Organisation of Face-to-face, Zoom and Skype Classes 

Face-to-face, Zoom and Skype Classes use the POPPIES Foundation Plus materials  from the platform and the Book on Syllabus Design (Programación Didáctica).

  • If you book your course to start in September 2019, you’ll have access to the platform as from 7th July 2019.
  • During the summer months you work on the platform on your own, following the indications in the Didactic Guide for the Introductory Course and the one for Module 1. The assignments you hand in will give me a good idea of your needs. I take that into account when forming the groups.
  • In September 2019 we are in contact so that I get to know your preferred days and times for the face-to-face/zoom classes. That is the other aspect I take into account to form the groups. 
  • If you already come with a group of three or four people, then we only have to focus on the best day and time for you and for me.
  • Face-to-face and zoom or skype classes start in September or October, once you know your timetable.
  • POPPIES Foundation Plus lasts a whole academic year, from September 2018 to June 2019. However, to ensure that you can complete the course, we advise you to work on the platform during the summer months, at least to cover Module 1.

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where we answer some of the questions candidates interested in our courses have asked.

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