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Comentarios de Alumnos

Comments from students

Doing the Poppies Foundation and BB1 in 2017-18 had to say

I think the resources are really varied and I wouldn’t make any changes. All of them are useful to a large extent and they serve their purpose.
In my case, I was mainly reading topics and doing assignments. I didn’t watch the videos about the topics, although I did watch those related to the course design. I didn’t participate in the forums since I was attending lessons weekly and Paloma could answer all my questions.
It’s a great choice for those who are working. Besides, the contents are appropriate and the resources are varied. You can work at your own pace and have someone else’s support, which is great.

Students who did the Poppies Foundation in 2015-16

I liked the contents a lot. Especially the relationship between the topics and the language part.
It was always my pleasure to start a new section. I found quite interesting the selection of listenings, texts, and translations. They were perfect to boost discussion and analysis.
The contents helped me to link different aspects
I think the way we work on the practice contents always bearing in mind the topics is an intelligent way of working towards this competitive exam. We never know what is going to come up in the language part, and a good example was this year’s exam, quite different from the previous ones, so the way we work in this part in your classes is very useful.

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Expectations for & Results from Poppies A Foundation Course

  • This is what Andrea Fábrega wrote when she started the Poppies Foundation Course + Face to face classes  in February 2015:

My name is Andrea and I have been in Madrid for 10 years now. I decided to take the English exam and become a civil servant about 7 years ago but, unfortunately and after having taken the exam 4 times in Madrid and 1 in Barcelona I have not been successful yet…

…I expect  to cover different aspects on the English language through the course, to be able to perform better than I did last time and to be able to pass the first part which, for me, is the most difficult.

So far , I must say I have liked what I have seen and I have enjoyed today’s lesson.

  • …and this is the e-mail she sent me when I asked her to give me feedback on the course, once it was over. She sent it at the beginning of September 2015, when she didn’t have access to the course any longer.  Andrea was successful and got a permanent position in Madrid in July 2015

Comments on the Poppies. Mini-course 1

I think the materials that you provide us with in the platform are brilliant and I appreciate the way you make us reflect on the topics with the questions on the Practico. It’s very useful that they are related… I feel really lucky to have access to the platform. 🙂 (Noemi I)

 Comments on the Poppies Didactic Guide & Course Design

Comentario Cati

Cati got a permanent place in 2006.

Clara got a permanent place in 2010.

Bego's comments

Bego  got a permanent place in 2014

Maria's comments

María got a permanent place in 2014

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