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Q&A: Foundation Plus. Answer to your questions

Q&A: Foundation Plus aims to give you the answers you are looking for. Check these before you ask any questions:

The Materials in the Foundation Plus Course cover the 69 topics or only 30-31?

The materials we cover in the POPPIES Foundation Plus are 30-31 topics from the list of 69. 

Why have you chosen those topics? 

First, the topics in the POPPIES Foundation Plus are not covered in the order stated in the 1993 list and this is so for a reason:

We aim to give the candidate a solid foundation as an English teacher

The idea behind the POPPIES Foundation Plus is to give the candidate a solid foundation as a teacher so that we practise how to write essays for the topics.

We also use those topics as the basis for language practice and the syllabus. 

That is why the topics chosen for the POPPIES Foundation Plus cover issues related to:

  • methodology,
  • communicative competence, 
  • strategies,
  • grammar —particularly in terms of phonetics, word-formation, sentence structure, and semantics,
  • functions and discourse,
  • text types and genres,  
  • the 4 skills and
  • notional competences. 
  • If there is a change in the topics, they should, in principle, be very much the same.

And why only 30-31?

The reason for covering only 30-31 topics is that the preparation for the exam is comprehensive. Consequently, there’s no way you can properly study more than 30-31 topics and, at the same time, practise for the Practical Language Exam and organise the contents of your syllabus in 10-11 months, which is the estimated length of the course. 

How do you give the materials?

 You can download the topics, workbooks or booklets or you can see them online. They come in pdf.

For the videos, you have a link to watch them online from the platform and some of them may be downloaded.

The fora where you ask the questions are also on the platform. 

Are the materials in the Foundation Plus Course the same as those you have published with Editorial MAD-7 Editores?

No. The books published with MAD-7 Editores are paperback and they are for you to study and work on your own. And, of course, we also welcome any “preparador” using those materials in their classes. 

The materials in the POPPIES Foundation Plus have been chosen and designed for the Foundation Plus.

The only book (also paperback) we use in the course but is not included in the price of the Foundation Plus materials, is the book on Programación Didáctica. And what we do in the Foundation Course is to use it as a reference, but we cover practical aspects which the book cannot cover.

What is the POPPIES Foundation Plus?

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Can I book one or more lessons after the 1st part of the exam (Exam Part 1A&B)?

If you haven’t found the right answer or you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact me.

What are the 5-hour-coaching sessions?