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Resources for English Teachers

English teachers, Find resources for your classes: We are re-organising the list so that you can find things easily.

Latest update: July, 27th 2017.

This page will be adding new resources in the next few weeks, so keep on checking it for new updates.

Resources: Open directory 

Most of the links have been suggested by English teachers who are using them. If you want to contribute with further suggestions, you find a link that does not work, would like to include a further category, please send me your suggestions.

To practise and improve students’ Listening & Reading  skills

Elllo.orgThis site provides listening, reading and vocabulary practice. It is organised according to the traditional levels of Beginner, Intermediate (Low, Middle & High) and Advanced. Students can also use it on their own, if they want extra practice.

Ideas & Materials for Classes

Lessonstream by Jamie Keddie Jammie is an expert on the use of videos in the classroom, and he has published a book (which I have bought) with lots of ideas on …using videos in class. The link above offers a variety of lessons around videos, from A2 on. Worth checking. I’m sure you can use lots of them and/or get ideas for your own classes.

 Blog de Cristina This is a blog, with lessons plans, listening activities organised per levels (A2-B2), vocabulary, speaking, writing,  grammar practice, etc. It will give you ideas about your classes, I’m sure!

HancockMcdonald.com  You will find here a lot of resources for Teens, Young learners, Adults, and organised per levels (A1 to C1) and covering Grammar, Listening, Pronunciation, Reading, Speaking, Vocabulary & Writing. Highly Recommended.

British Council: Learn English Teens  A wealth of resources to practice not only listening, reading and writing, but also Grammar and Vocabulary. It also offers activities with Videos and can be used in your classes or as supplementary materials for your students.

To organise, keep track, and/or flip your class

Khan Academy

Enrolling is free; you can access the site as a teacher or as a student and you have access to a wealth of info and videos which can be used in English classes for many different purposes. There’s a wealth of topics which you can select according to your students’ needs and interests.