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Tags: Poppies

El significado de POPPIES

Muti-coloured Poppies /amapolas multicolores Aunque sólo sea por la foto de las amapolas, parece que está claro el significado de la palabra inglesa Poppies. Pero… ¿Sabías que las POPPIES son el símbolo de la memoria y el recuerdo en buena parte de Europa y del mundo anglo-parlante? ¿Sabes cómo se originó? ¿Sabes por qué del acrónimo español que se […]

With a little help from my friends

As some of you may know “With a little help from my friends” is the title of a song written by the Beatles John Lenon & Paul McCartney in 1967 to be sung by Ringo Starr as part of the Sargent Pepper’s Album. A great example of collaboration. Many cover versions have been made, but Joe […]

The importance of making mistakes

It is often said that man is the only animal that trips twice over the same stone. True as this saying may be, it is just as true that we go on making mistakes until we die because we are the only animals who keep on learning —even if we sometimes  fall into the same trap twice— until […]