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Congratulations on your success, Poppies’ candidates


in the second part of the “Oposición.”


Well done!

Hopefully, I’ll congratulate you all again on your success next week, once the list of candidates with a permanent post is published.

Yet, you have all been fantastic: Out of the 11 who passed a highly competitive first part, 10 have successfully passed the second and with the lowest mark of 6.1. Well done: Adelaida, Angela, Cristina, Eva, Julia, Lydia, Natalia, Pablo, Paloma & Raúl. And particularly very well done, Lydia for that 9.1 mark and Pablo for that 9.8.

My congratulations on her success, as well, to María, who has not forgotten me and keeps recommending the Poppies’ courses.

I feel truly proud of you all: You have made a great effort, and I do hope you become permanent members of the state education system. Having been with you for some months, I know you will significantly contribute to providing your students with the education they need for the 21st century. Thank you for everything I have learnt from you.

And we carry on

And I have learnt a lot from those who have not managed to pass the first part. You have also worked hard and, in most cases, had deserved to make it to the second part. However, we all know this is a highly competitive process. We need to pay attention to language, structure, and form, not just content. I am sorry for not having managed to help you in the way you needed. I will keep on trying and improving. Poppies 3.2

For you, it’s now time to have a well-deserved rest, even if some of you still have a few days of uncertainty. As for me, I am reading with interest the feedback you have sent or are sending me. Your comments and criticisms are essential to make the Poppies’ Courses a real help for English teachers preparing for the Competitive Exam. Thank you very much for your praises. And thank you, especially, for your criticisms: without them, I wouldn’t be able to meet the challenge.

Apasionada de la lengua inglesa y sus múltiples matices, mi objetivo es ayudarte en la preparación de la oposición a profesores de inglés y contribuir a que la escuela pública ofrezca la enseñanza de calidad –de y en lengua inglesa– que nuestros alumnos necesitan en el s. XXI

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