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Oposiciones Catalonia 2017: the exam starts in April 2018.

Oposiciones Catalonia 2017: the exam starts in April 2018.

Oposiciones Catalonia 2017.  As you will know by now, the public call was published on 29th November 2017. The exam, however, will start in April 2018 and will conclude in June 2018.

For English, there are 205 places for Primary and 201 for Secondary English teachers.

Enrolment dates for Oposiciones Catalonia 2017

It opened on 1st December and will close on 20th December. You have to do it online

Basic requirements

To take part in the exam you need to be a Spanish or European citizen and have at least a C1 level of competence in Catalan and in Spanish. Besides, you need to be fully qualified to teach English at Primary or Secondary Schools, as stated in 2.2 of the public call.

Exam dates

The exact exam dates will be published at least one month in advance of its start. That is, it should be published, at the latest, in March. The process will last 3 months since it is due to have concluded by the end of June. But i you have to prove your command of either Spanish or Catalan, the process starts before. Do not forget to check the link here regularly to see if any further news has been published.

Exam Contents for Secundaria English Teachers

Like everywhere else, the exam consists of 2 parts.  You need to pass the first in order to be a candidate for the second. Very important: you need to hand in your syllabus design at the Opening of the Examination Process in this Oposiciones Catalonia 2017.

Part 1

This part consists of two:

Part 1.A. Practicum

  • Text analysis with questions on text adequacy, coherence and cohesion on the one hand and on the other on Lexis and morphosyntax.

    Our books  “Text Analysis, “Volumen Práctico” and the materials for language practice we cover at the various Poppies Courses prepare you well for this part. You may also find our post text analysis of help.

  • Analysis of a specific situation, taking into account basic key competences (communicative, digital, personal and social). The candidate will have to address a series of issues related to the English subject in a given context, such as:
    • Writing a letter to an organisation.
    • Filing or making a claim.
    • Preparing a debate.
    • Organising a literary contest for the school
    • Assessing a student’s learning process using various assessment tools. (Our book on Programación didáctica should give you some ideas for this)
      The nature of the questions in this part can be anybody’s guess.  While I understand the last three issues, I fail to see how the first two can help select good teachers. In any case, if you are doing or have done the exam before, you can send me your comments on this. 
      • The time assigned for Part 1A in the call Oposiciones Catalonia 2017 is 4 hours maximun.
      • This part represents 70% of the total mark for Part 1.

        Part 1. B. Essay

Like everywhere else, at least up to 2017, you will have to write one essay on one of the 4 topics which came out in the draw from the list of 69. You have two hours to do it. Remember to follow the advice given to you here and in our mini-course.

The members of the panels will assess this part.

Part 2

Remember that you need to hand in your syllabus design at the beginning of the whole process.

All the requirements your syllabus design needs to meet, together with the elements you need to include in your oral presentation are described in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Since summarising it all would make this post too long, we are including here a link to the Gazette in Spanish and in Catalan. It is important to bear in mind that you have 20 minutes for the rationale and 20 minutes for the didactic unit. Also important is that the two parts are assessed globally.

Our book Inglés Programación Didáctica will help you with this part.  In any case, I am happy to hear your comments and questions. I’ll reply to them whenever possible, and will always take them into account to help you in the future.


Apasionada de la lengua inglesa y sus múltiples matices, mi objetivo es ayudarte en la preparación de la oposición a profesores de inglés y contribuir a que la escuela pública ofrezca la enseñanza de calidad –de y en lengua inglesa– que nuestros alumnos necesitan en el s. XXI

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